Web Hosting

Linux and Microsoft® hosting service.

Web hosting is a cheap, high value way of acquiring a web presence. It is particularly good for starter web sites and small-to-medium sized web sites that do not require advanced features. Think of it like renting an apartment. You do not need to build the infrastructure, it may come fully furnished and you don’t have to worry about the upkeep. You do share the building with other tenants, much like the server you use will be hosting multiple web sites. As long as the facilities meet your requirements, web hosting will be perfect for you or your business.

Hosting with Trevweb

There are no pre-configured hosting packages here. Each hosting account is tailored to a particular scenario. The hosting features are listed below, but if you do not understand the jargon, that is ok.

Hosting Features

Platform Microsoft Windows or Linux based operating system
Web Space From 50GB to Unlimited web space.
Domain Names All hosting includes a free .uk domain name and unlimited sub-domains E.g. blog.yourdomain.co.uk.
Database MySQL and MS SQL.
Email Starting with 500 basic mail boxes, with options including premium Microsoft Exchange 2013 collaboration tools and desktop software.
Programming PHP (5.4 or 5.2), ASP.NET (4.5 and 3.5), ASP, Perl and Python.
Security SSH (Linux), SSL. Password protected directories. Secure UK Datacentre.