Independent Computing and IT Specialist.

Trevweb consists of Trevor Adams, a computing and IT specialist that has a background in business and academia. He’s from Stoke-on-Trent and is a nice guy that works hard – especially with applied computing. Being the CTO at T&C Site Services Ltd occupies the lion’s share of his working life. He is enthusiastic about computing and education and is also a STEM Ambassador. A personal message is available on his blog.

Trevweb is all about consultancy, traininghosting and value.

Value is the most important aspect. Trevweb is not large and cannot compete with cheap services. The client base is small, so as to be manageable. If good value for money/time is evident, good business relationships flourish.

Typical Scenarios

  • Planning company technology provision and rollout.
  • Automating a manual process, small and large-scale.
  • Creating the automated process.
  • Coach a developer team.
  • Industry speaker at a school career day.
  • Computing practitioner in your school computing workshop.

Trevweb could be the answer, or could lead you to the right answer. Get in touch to discuss any scenario without obligation. If Trevweb is not the best option for your circumstance, a useful referral can often be made.