OVH World Tour 2015 – London

I recently attended the OVH World Tour in London, 3rd December 2015. It was a really informative and interesting event; providing a lot of insight into the future of web and infrastructure hosting. I use OVH products and services to deliver a lot of value to my clients and I am already looking forward to deploying some of the new public cloud services in near-future projects. I am currently registered as an OVH Community Partner.

I have enjoyed working with OVH in the community recently. They have a keen interest in getting into communities and institutions around the country and making a real difference. As a STEM Ambassador, Code Club volunteer and School Governor, I know first-hand the contribution a company such as OVH can make to enhance the experiences of others. Besides the obvious benefit of creating a familiar brand, OVH is also taking time to develop and enhance the experiences of future web professionals that provides benefits all round.

The Hack-a-thon hosted at Staffordshire University is one such example of community work; and I was happy to help out. OVH provided professional experts from UK and France, virtual servers and a great theme for teams to create ideas around. Staffordshire University provided the venue, network access, staff and food throughout the day. I attended on behalf of T&C Site Services Ltd as a coach and mentor for the day, sponsoring a prize for best individual contribution. The atmosphere was really positive and fun. There top three teams judged on the day were invited to London and the winning team was able to present their idea to the World Tour attendees.

Staffordshire University Students at OVH World Tour 2015
Students were invited to attend the OVH World Tour 2015, with the winning team of a Hack-a-thon held the week prior asked to present their idea to attendees. Picture credit to Fiona Knight, Staffordshire University.

I look forward to working, building and creating great products using OVH services. Just as important as getting the products and services right; it is great working in the market with a supplier that cares about the community. It makes being a ‘community partner’ meaningful and appreciated.